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Monday, August 4, 2014

PaaMano Eskrima & Kadan Martial Arts Group Highlight

We are grateful to have preforming arts representatives from both PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts program and Kadan Martial Arts program share their talents at our event.

About PaaMano Eskrima and Performing Arts
Kumusta! Through our style of Filipino Martial & Performing Arts we hope to convey the rich history, cultural diversity and natural beauty of the Philippines.

Pistahan Parade & Festival,
San Francisco, CA
Our organization’s hopes are that through sharing and teaching our style of Filipino Martial Arts & Performing Arts we can share the beauty and culture of the Philippines with the world. We hope the PaaMano Organization will inspire future generations of Filipinos worldwide to learn more about their history, culture and the natural treasures of The Philippines. 

Jose Rizal wrote in the preface to his edition of the Morga “If the book succeeds to awaken your consciousness of our past, already effaced from your memory, and to rectify what has been falsified and slandered, then I have not worked in vain, and with this as a basis, however small it may be, we shall be able to study the future.”

PaaMano Eskrima and Performing Arts is committed to sharing, in our small way, Rizal's vision of cultural enlightenment, knowledge and pride.  
Here is a video link with Founder, Roland Ferrer Sr. talking
about the Filipino Martial Arts and PaaMano Eskrima. 

Links to PaaMano Eskrima
Website: http://paamanoeskrima.com
Blog: http://paamano.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaaManoEskrima?ref_type=bookmark

About Kadan Martial Arts
Kadan Martial Arts was established in 1992 by Roland and Aurora Ferrer. Kadan was originally know for its top level Taekwondo Athletes, ranking in Jr. & Sr. divisions in State, National, U.S. Team Trials and International Competitions. In time, raising their two sons at the studio, gave way to diversifying their programs.  They became inspired to help people of all ages and physical abilities enjoy the benefits of the Martial Arts. Kadan became known as a "family school" a place where children from four years old to adults could train and grow together. We strive to make our environment a nurturing and positive place for everyday people to face their fears, overcome their challenges and walk the road to Black Belt. 

Our Commitment 
We are committed to helping and supporting each student develop his/her unique talents. Each of us has important gifts to share with the world. At Kadan, we use the martial arts as a tool to help our students unlock those gifts and focus on the possibilities. We have been dedicated for over 20 years to empowering humanity one student at a time. We believe that through positive and proactive involvement in the everyday lives of others we can help create a better community and a better future for ourselves and our children.

Here's a video one of our Black Belts made about his training experience called Rise Above Our Doubts.

Links to Kadan Martial Arts

ICARE Silent Auction Donations:

PaaMano Eskrima is donating a pair of Eskrima sticks, a PaaMano T-shirt, a 30 min. introductory private and a month of classes. 
Class times Sat. 12noon - 1pm 
Value of donation: $185.00

Kadan Martial Arts is donating a martial arts uniform, a 30 minute introductory private and a month of classes 2xs per week in one of the following programs: 
Dragon & Tiger Program (5 years to 7 years)
Junior Program (8 years to 14 years)
Senior Program (15 years to Adult)
Value of donation: $210.00

Studio Location
11741 Valley View St.,
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 890-0080

Contact info for  ICARE Dog Rescue

Contact Info for In the Flow Studios Arts
Website: http://intheflowstudios.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InTheFlowStudioArts
Instagram: http://instagram.com/speakyourart

Use this link to get more information and to register for our event on Facebook
Arts Open House Luau & ICARE Dog Rescue Fundraiser


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