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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Danny Dichotomy Artist Highlight

Danny Dichotomy is one of our featured performing artists. He'll be gracing our show with his original musical style. Danny has been a contributing artist to In the Flow Studios from our very first "One Love" Arts Open House and Women of the Congo Fundraiser back in 2009. He is a as generous with his talent as he is with his heart. He brings everything he has to every performance and kindly donates his art to help worthy causes. Danny is a singer, songwriter, musician. His music as his art has range and depth. 

From the begging of Danny's musical journey it was apparent that the artist had a message and he used his music to share it. Danny Dichotomy started out as just one person...Danny. He wrote everything and his friends would jump on sets from time to time. Five years later, the music and movement have grown into something greater than the sum of their parts. Danny Dichotomy and the music are now written by three people Daniel Pelaez, David Espana, and Dan Mehta. 

Initially Danny tried to make Danny Dichotomy his persona, an alter-representation of himself. He soon realized that Danny Dichotomy was a collective representation to all those that feel the pain of having to wear a suit and work 9 to 5 all the while suppressing their inner artist. He is a fictional character based on the real life struggles of artists trapped in pursuing the "American Dream". 

Their catchy music engages the conscious mind in enjoyable rhythms and sounds giving the lyrics an opportunity to be truly heard. They use music much in the way that Plato used the poetic form to share his ideas with everyday folk. The music is an ironic gimmick to remind us all that there is more to life than the accusation of goods. The music and the message are one and the same, that each person is important. Humans are unique and precious creatures. Our individual gifts and talents are too important to waist our lives running on a hamster wheel. As Danny Dichotomy puts it "You deserve more".

Danny's musical influences are pop, jazz, and blue grass. Artists: Amy Winehouse, Hank Williams, Elvis, Jason Mraz, Billie Holiday, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Feist, and Tom Waits. Take a listen to some of his songs on his SoundCloud at Danny Dichotomy "Music for the Masses".

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