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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Greater Than the Sum of My Parts - Poem

Sharing my poetry at
In the Flow Studios
Arts Open House.
Picture by
Myranda Josephson
I’m at a place
in my life
and my art
that I no longer want
to calculate my next step,
nor measure my phrases,
nor mince my words.
I will no longer apologize
for being myself,
or for being broken
yet indestructible. 

I want to embrace
the shadows in my life,
that have taught me
and compassion.
The painful bits
and the hurts
that showed me
how strongly
I could heal.
My scars
are my badges of honor,
they are
the purple hearts
of my inner-war.

My imperfections
remind me
to be kind
with my words
and to be gentle
with my thoughts.

I no longer strive
to be the perfect daughter,
mother, wife, sister,
friend or teacher.

I lay myself before my art
in humility
with my boots shaking
and my heart pounding.

I’m finding my courage
by facing my fears,
I’m finding my strength
by acknowledging my weakness,
I’m finding my light
by accepting my darkness.

And in the process,
I am learning
that I am greater
than the sum of all my parts.

By Aurora Ferrer 8-19-14

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