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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eric Jimenez Artist Highlight

We are grateful to have Eric Jimenez as one of our featured visual artists. He has a depth in his work and in his thinking well beyond his years. His art is about much more than colors and lines. We think he describes his process best.

I am a 20 year old artist who goes by the name of "BZRK" (buh-zerk). The name is an acronym for "Blissful Zen Reality Kingdom" which is a vision that I hold true to my heart, representing the idea that there is an inner kingdom within every single one of us. 

With that being said, we need to empower ourselves by behaving through the guidance of that kingdom. All we have to do is unleash the powers that we were born with, and trust in our abilities to express the truth. 

Growing up in Costa Mesa, I have been inspired by many different walks of life, literature, hip-hop, the quest for wisdom, and nature. I have always been deeply intrigued by creation, approaching life with baby like enthusiasm and awe. Art is definitely a type of guidance; therefore, I tend to include messages within the work to provide insight and profound truths for spiritual and mental growth. 

My creative process tends to be free flowing, in the sense that I never necessarily know what I am going to create. I trust in my own abilities and work with the forces within so that it spills out of my intuition. 

That's what's fun about it. When the mind is silent and surrenders to the power of the heart, beautiful Art is created. And it makes sense because “Art” is “Heart” without the “He”--- the ego needs to be silenced and the heart needs to be awakened in order for creation to actualize itself through us That's why I wear a mask sometimes. The mask serves its purpose by eliminating my sense of self, and the crown is there to remind everyone of the inner kingdom.

ICARE Silent Auction Donation
BZRK is donating the awesome original piece for our auction.

Contact info for  Eric
Instagram @bzrking

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