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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Molly Bupp Artist Highlight

Molly Bupp is one of our featured young artists to participate in our upcoming In the Flow Studios Arts Open House & ICARE Dog Rescue Fundraiser. 

A fifteen year old sophomore, Molly brings a fresh and playful eye to her style of art. She showed for the first time at the 2013 Arts Open House. It takes courage to show ones work and Molly has it.

She's a resilient, mature and talented individual. She has overcome incredible physical challenges that have made her a force to be reckoned with. The pain Molly has endured on her journey translates into a young person with an intuitive understanding of life. She has earned her 1st Degree Black Belt at Kadan Martial Arts and is a favorite assistant teacher. Wise beyond her years, she uses the arts as part of her healing process.

Molly comes from an artistic family. She was first exposed to art by her older bother and sisters. They are each talented artists themselves. Her father is a professional photographer and videographer.

She enjoys working with a variety of media although drawing in pencil is still her favorite. Molly is an animal lover and shares her home with several pups. Her family aren't strangers to helping dogs in need. They have rescued and adopted dogs that needed special care. It's no wonder Molly enjoys spending time with her amazing family.

ICARE Silent Auction Donation:

Beaded Mask
This mask was made from strips of plaster that were fitted into a mold.  The newly dried plaster mask, was then painted and hand beaded with hundreds of colorful beads.  On this piece there are multiple designs of animals and other elements of nature, this represents the close bond nature and humans share.  I hope to share this piece with a new person, through the open auction, as well as raise money to help the wonderful dogs.

Contact info for ICARE Dog Rescue

Contact Info for In the Flow Studios Arts
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Arts Open House Luau & ICARE Dog Rescue Fundraiser

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