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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ke-ola has found his home with us

This was not the outcome that any of us expected but we are very happy for the way it all turned out. When I first saw Ke-ola's shelter video by Denise Carta my heart broke for this sweet injured and neglected puppy. We thought he was a Great Dane Mix and under a year old. Later we learned he was a Pit Bull Mix and was around 2 years old. Once we meet him his breed didn't matter, all that mattered was trying to save this poor loving boy's life. 

(This is the video from the Carson Shelter that I saw on Facebook on the Great Dane Rescue of Southern California.)

Ke-ola has been a full-time job. Between his medical care, wellness care, socialization, obedience training and doing hours of research in all of these areas, I haven't been able to focus on much else. Through it all I fell deeper in love with Ke-ola but I always knew that we were just his fosters. I was sure once we had him healthy, he'd be adopted to a great home and we'd keep looking for a Great Dane to save.

Each time we thought Ke-ola was healthy enough for adoption he'd have a new health problem show up and he'd need further care from us. Then one day we finally did it! He was healthy and ready to be adopted. I sent the adoption photo with his Bio to ICARE. I was ready to help Ke-ola find his forever family...until ICARE posted his adoption picture. I never expected my reaction. I couldn't stop crying. It felt like there was a hole in my heart and he hadn't even left the house. I decided that my best course of action was to repost his adoption profile on every social media site I belong to. I hoped that the perfect family would show up for him. I thought I would get over these blues as I have read this happens to many fosters. But as the days passed it became apparent to myself and my family that Ke-ola had already found his forever home with us.

I was nervous to tell Corrie and the ICARE team as I had made it clear that we were only planning on fostering Ke-ola until he could find his forever home. When I finally called Corrie to ask if ICARE would consider us to adopt Ke-ola, I was a ball of nerves and then in tears when I heard that we could adopt him and officially make him part of our family.

Ke-ola and our family are so very grateful to ICARE Dog Rescue. THANK YOU ICARE!

I apologize for not writing about Ke-ola's adoption sooner but as soon as we found out Ke-ola could stay with us we wanted to do something special for ICARE. My family and I hosted an Arts Open House and ICARE Dog Rescue Fundraiser on 8-17-14 and the preparation and execution took all of my time. Here's more about the event we hosted About our Arts Open House and I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue Fundraiser. 

We are still working with obedience and house training as well as helping him learn how to have better doggy manners with his four-legged sisters Sky and River. He is also on a special diet to help boost his immune system and regulate the healthy flora in his gut. Ke-ola is not an easy dog to care for but he is an easy dog to LOVE. 

I will continue to post weekly on this blog but will be expanding the topics that I write about. I will keep sharing Ke-ola's journey and include our other two shelter dogs, Sky and River. I will also be interviewing and writing about people and organizations that work to improve the lives of shelter animals. I've learned through caring for Ke-ola that there are natural alternatives to treating and/or alleviating allergies and skin problems. I'll be sharing what I've learned in hopes that it may help another dog. But what I'm most excited about sharing are your stories. The stories of other people that have added a shelter dog to their family. I'm looking forward to sharing your stories, pictures and videos. believe that if more of us "shelter parents" share our positive stories we can help get more shelter animals adopted. 

Here you see a completely different Ke-ola from his original Carson Shelter video. 
He is strong, healthy and happy. He loves playing Bball with his big brother. 

Thank you for sharing his journey of healing, redemption and love with us and Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, advice and support throughout. 

Wishing you and your pack peace today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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