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Friday, January 17, 2014

Waiting for our first foster dog!

Our family is embarking on a new adventure. We have volunteered to foster a dog from the shelter for a an amazing rescue called I.C.A.R.E Dog Rescue. We are not new to Shelter Dogs, as we adopted two beautiful girls from the Dover Shelter in San Bernardino, but we have never fostered a dog. So I thought I'd share my family's first foster experience in hopes that we can encourage others to find a way to help shelter animals. And hopefully though posting our soon-to-be foster boy's progress he'll find a forever home of his very own.

Now for our first foster and his story so far…

When I woke up Wednesday morning I had no idea I would be offering to foster a dog before I went to bed that night. My family and I have been active supporters of adoption and rescue for many years so I follow rescue posts and shelter animal posts in my social media. I saw a video of this boy on Facebook's "Great Dane Rescue of Southern California, reposted by Cathy Larimer from Denise Carta. (Cathy and Denise are both active animal advocates and work to save shelter pets.) I sent out a group email to my animal loving friends asking for help in finding a rescue. This boy needs medical care and lots of TLC it will take a village to help him. And the village has stepped up. My friend Kym Cloughesy, mother of 6 rescue dogs herself and passionate animal advocate, offered to help get him out that same day but without a rescue backing him we wouldn't be able to care for all his medical needs. Donna Mason, an active foster and rescuer, found I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue and they said yes, they'd be willing to help this pup!

We are waiting on a temperament test, vet check and medical report before the shelter will release him to I.C.A.R.E. We are hoping he will pass everything soon so we can get him to the I.C.A.R.E.'s vet. and to our home. He still has a long way to go as he is still in the shelter but at least now he as a chance at a happy and healthy life.

None of this would have been possible without Denise Carta going to the shelter and posting his video and the support of animal lovers on the internet. His video has been shared almost 2,000 times and he has captured the hearts of many. Thank you to all of those that have worked so hard to help this boy. He'll need further medical attention. If you are inspired you can donate to his care at
I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue.

Paws crossed, we'll be posting freedom pictures soon!

(I'll try to get the video posted so you can see what made my family want to open our hearts to this poor little guy but for now, here is a picture of him taken by Denise Carta last night.)

He has an injury to his leg, sores on his body, paws are raw and is emaciated (severely underweight and dehydrated).

For more information about I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue, to find your perfect new pack-mate or to see how they are saving lives please use this link. I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue

If you'd like to follow Cathy Larimer's group "Great Dane Friends" on Facebook use this link. Great Dane Friends

Wishing you and your pack Peace, today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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