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Friday, January 31, 2014

Ke-ola is a trooper

Ke-ola finds a new sleeping  spot.
Last night Kadante slept with Ke-ola and Roland Jr. slept with our girls, Sky and River. I had a much needed night off and appreciate it dearly. Before I retired for the night I came down to check on Ke-ola and found that while Kadante had left him alone for a minute, Ke-ola found another comfy spot to sleep on. Kadante should've been grateful as Ke-ola left him the bed…not! Kadante says Ke-ola "ninja-ed" his way onto the bed with him and slept at his side. He said he didn't have the heart to move him so he pretended he didn't see him. We love this boy!

He still has a constant drip but
it is lighter in color and thinner.
This morning his cough continued but it was less productive than yesterday. We spent time outdoors but he didn't want to take care of business. He was too busy having a barking and coughing conversation with his foster sister's, Sky and River. (Sky and River were in the backyard and Ke-ola in the front. We have a side yard that separates the two so they were at a distance.) I had the girls brought in so they wouldn't disturb him anymore but by that time he had forgotten why we where there in the first place. I paid the cleanup price an hour later in the den.

Ke-ola looking handsome
with his new collar.
His health is not an easy read as he tries so hard to be with his humans and please them. It must take him a great deal of energy to wag his tail and get happy because after he does he needs to lie down. These two clips show how after Ke-ola gets even a little bit excited he needs to rest. The first one is of Ke-ola being happy to be with my husband Roland. The second is of Ke-ola needing rest, just a short while afterwards.

It's like Ke-ola has finally found a chance to be in a family and he is trying so hard to be a good boy. He doesn't want to show how sick he feels or to be a burden. I know some people will say I'm crazy for thinking a dog has the capacity to feel that deeply and complexly but I have no doubt.

He didn't want to eat his lunch. I tried to get him to stand up but he just stayed on his bed. I brought the food to him several times but he wasn't interested. He looked at it, smelled it and lowered his head. I'm hoping dinner will go better.

Tomorrow is his last antibiotic shot and he sees  his doctor on Sunday. I'm hoping that once he is done with this course of antibiotics his symptoms will subside. But given that he still has so much colored mucus and coughing I'm not sure what will happen. We should know more after his doctor's visit.

On a side note, I think my girls are starting to go stir crazy stuck in my room. After getting Ke-ola down for his nap I came upstairs to check on the girls. I found that my wallet had fallen victim to their confinement. Thought I would share.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing your pack peace today and everyday.

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  1. He's looking so much better but seems like recovery is a long road. Did they do X-rays for pneumonia? that may explain the sudden tiredness.

    1. Yes, the X-rays showed pneumonia. But I was hoping that with such strong antibiotics, a humidifier, warmth, food and shelter he would be showing greater signs of improvement. It does look like we have a long road ahead of us but I take heart in knowing Ke-ola's a fighter.

    2. I'm so glad you have him, Aurora. Otherwise, I'm afraid he wouldn't have had a chance. Now we know why he was so weak and dejected in the shelter; he was simply that ill. Poor baby. He's got a chance now and I just know he's going to pull through. Please keep up the great work you're doing for him! Thanks.

    3. I'm sorry I missed this comment until now. Cathy, I can't believe how very sick our poor boy is. He will be staying at Pet Hospital for a few more days as he is responding well to his treatments. I miss him but couldn't be happier he is getting professional care. I tried everything I knew to do but couldn't seem to help Ke-ola knock this illness out. Hoping this will be the turning point he needs to regain his health and strength. Cathy, thank you for your prayers and concern and help. Ke-ola is an amazing soul and he deserves a second chance to know love and happiness.