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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ke-ola is starting to look better

Trying to help Ke-ola get to sleep
in the wee hours of the morning. 
Last night Ke-ola spent the night coughing but thankfully it was productive. All kinds of green goo and foamy phlegm kept spewing out of him. It was very foggy and cold here last night and I didn't want to take him out without a sweater. He starts to shake at night and uses a great deal of energy just trying to get warm. He is still puddling inside and we couldn't find puppy pads. I was stressing because a Pergo floor is incredibly resilient but pooling liquid is its kryptonite. My husband Roland came to the rescue. He found outdoor table clothes that were plastic on one side and paper on the other. He cut them into fourths and miraculously, we had puppy pads to last through the night!

I didn't get much sleep as he needed my attention with wiping and coupaging. His bedding and floor also needed cleaning and changing throughout the night. Around 3:30am I could see he was exhausted so I decided to do some Reiki/Cleansing with him. That was the ticket, he feel fast asleep midway through our session and slept till 7am.

I think these new antibiotics are starting to kick some infectious butt! Ke-ola had more energy today and the mucus from his nose is much less green and thinner. His tail only stops wagging when he's napping or relaxing into soft face-pets. He's also much more outgoing about his affection. Today he had a smile for all the two legged folks in the house.
Ke-ola falling asleep with foster
brother. Kadante is a love because
he felt sick too and still found
the time to be with Ke-ola. 

We had our midmorning sun-time together. He still won't lay down on the towel or the grass. He likes to keep his face close to your face and gaze into your eyes while you are petting him. This is the first day that he wanted to venture out of the front yard and go exploring. But he is still too sick for walks. He needs his strength back first. I think it's a good sign that he has enough energy to want to explore. I don't want to get over confident and I am trying to stay humble to his healing process, but today I really felt a significant positive difference in our boy's health.

He had fun with Roland Jr.
He enjoyed all of his meals so far today and has licked his bowl clean. He has no food aggression towards humans. I can pick up his bowl while he is eating to help him get to those last few bites and he never has a problem with it. He also takes treats very gently. I can barely feel his lip touching my open palm. Ke-ola is a character and it's never more obvious than when I'm giving him his daily antibiotic shot. I've never seen a dog, or anyone for that matter, react the way Ke-ola does when he sees the syringe. His tail starts to wag and he wants to play. I need an assistant to help me by petting him and helping him settle down because he just wants to celebrate. I'll try to get a third party to film this event so you can see for yourselves. It cracks me up every time.
I think Ke-ola is Na'vi!
What do you say?

Note: If you have been following this blog you've notice that we all have the same outfit on in most pictures. Ke-ola is in quarantine until he feels better. We each need to change into "Ke-ola clothes" before we enter or interact with him and change out of them before we leave. (You can see our changing screen and "Ke-ola clothes" towards the back of the above picture.)

Thank you for visiting. Wishing your pack peace today and everyday.

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