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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ke-ola had a day full of ups and downs

Ke-ola had a ruff night. He is trying to move infection out of his lungs and it takes him great effort. By morning he was tuckered. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get him to standup and accompany me outside.   It was obvious he didn't want to move but he complied with my request like a trooper. Breakfast was good. He finished his plate. Then it was time for his midmorning sunbath. The kids were out again today and Ke-ola enjoyed looking at them. He doesn't react to the noise. It's not easy for him to walk around too much because he gets tired. You'll see him coughing a bit in the video but he needs to move his body so his lungs can move the phlegm.

Buggy Face

While I worried for Ke-ola today it was also a day of positives for us. We are so grateful to Michelle and Joe from I.C.A.R.E for getting us some wonderful goodies for Ke-ola. Tomorrow he'll have his beautiful new collar and snazzy lead. Thank you for the support. Pet Hospital called to see how Ke-ola was feeling today. They were so kind and encouraging. I was very grateful for the call. I try to keep a positive attitude towards Ke-ola's recovery but he is so very sick that sometimes the fear takes over. I don't want to feed that energy so I try to share positive things. But today I felt quite overwhelmed thinking of Ke-ola and what his life was like before I met him. He is such a special soul.

Ke-ola loves to smell
flowers in the sunshine.
Animals are just like humans (maybe it's because we're animals too), they have their own personalities and a deep emotional life. They have likes and dislikes, just like we do. But Ke-ola is in a league of his own. He is one of the most gentle, loving, kind dogs I have ever had the honor of knowing.

When I looked at Ke-ola today, struggling so hard to stay alive and to get healthy all I could think of was, "What is wrong with us?" (I'm referring to "us" as the human race) This dog has a heart of gold. He is kind, loving, loyal, understanding, patient. What more could anyone want from another living being? I couldn't help but wonder what his story is. I found myself asking so many questions. Did you ever have a loving home and a boy or girl to call your own? Has anyone ever shown you kindness? How old were you when you ended up on the streets of Carson? How did you get all these scars? Ke-ola just gazed up at me with his soft beautiful almond eyes and erased all my questions but one. How can I help you to know you are loved and wanted?

Who loves belly rubs?
I realized that we are giving him the best physical care we can but the pain in his body is nothing compared to the pain in his soul. This boy needs all of us working together on a deeper level. He needs to know that he is loved, wanted and accepted. I shared this with my family and we all agreed, that even though he's sick and needs rest, each one of us will spend more time with him.

Kadante stepped up immediately with Ke-ola's favorite thing…belly rubs.

He didn't finish his lunch today. He was dealing with coughing and trying to breath so I think he was tired. Ke-ola heard the gentlemen that care for our garden in our backyard. Getting up is not easy for him right now but once he heard someone in our backyard he sprang to his feet ran to the window and barked then coughed and barked then coughed until I took notice of him. Kadante began to pet him and his barking stopped but his coughing got worse. I couldn't believe he expended so much of his precious energy to protect my sons and I, especially after such a short time with us. This boy never ceases to amaze me.

He is still puddling in the house but thankfully, no mountains today. Hurray! I need to count my blessing big and small. Paws crossed he finishes the rest of his dinner.

Wishing you and your pack Peace, today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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