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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ke-ola is starting to feel at home

Ke-ola loving his time with
foster brother, Roland Jr.
It was another interesting night with our boy Ke-ola. He spent another night hacking but his nose was much less runny and he barely shivered. I finally felt he was safe to sleep through the night and before I knew it I too was fast asleep. I must have really let my guard down because I didn't realize Ke-ola needed to relieve himself until I heard a forceful stream of liquid hitting bedding and crate. It was 5:30am and the sun hadn't gotten up yet but I jumped to my feet and asked him to stop. He kindly headed my request. I had just enough time to put on a jacket and take him out to finish his business. This is his first accident and I blame myself because we are giving him lots of water and he needs to go out more often than a healthier dog.

After mopping, wiping, bleaching and rinsing we needed to let his crate dry. Ke-ola has gone through all the bedding we have so I folded a small blanket for him while I readied the wash. Upon my return I couldn't believe my eyes. He had decided, and rightly so, that my bed was much more comfortable than a little blanket on the floor. I had to laugh because I couldn't blame him but until he is healthier we need to keep the bacteria under control, that means no furniture. The most hilarious part of it all was that both of my sons had not only seen him happily sleeping on the bed but took pictures and filmed him. Talk about knowing how to work a crowd. Ke-ola has personality plus.

Ke-ola enjoying the comforts
of a king sized goose down comforter.
Ke-ola loves love.
I decided that it wasn't fair that he needed to lay on the hard plastic crate bottom with just a little blanket until the wash was done so…"honey (my husband, Roland) Ke-ola is now sleeping on our goose-down comforter." (Roland is at work and won't know about our generosity until he comes home.) Ke-ola seems to be comfortable on his feathery blanket. I don't know how happy my husband will be tonight but we live in Southern California so at least he won't freeze.

And we love loving him
Ke-ola spent the day hanging out with his foster brothers. Kadante spent time with him in the sun and fresh air. Roland Jr. gave him love while I was getting his bed ready. Ke-ola lights up when he sees any family member. His tail won't stop wagging and he smiles from ear to ear. He then relaxes as he trusts you'll keep petting him and just melts into your arms.

I'm confident dinner will go well as there is not a food Ke-ola has tried that he hasn't devoured.

Wishing you and your pack Peace, today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Great that he is starting to feel at home, I am hoping he heals quickly and completely.