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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pine cones!

Pine cone!
Ke-ola loves Kadante.
The rains and winds of last week have loosened the pine cones from our trees. Ke-ola thinks they are the best things ever! He loves to sneak attack unsuspecting pine cones. Once he's pounced and secured the pesky pine cone in his mouth he throws it up in the air and catches it. He always sees the fun in everything. I see an ordinary pine cone but Ke-ola transforms it into an ultra fun plaything. He's a constant reminder that life is what you make of it. And best of all, he makes me laugh while he is teaching the lesson.

Last night was his last dose of antibiotics. He looks very good. He hasn't coughed or been lethargic in over a week. His coat is beginning to shine and his wounds are healed and all but one are completely gone. He has a great deal of energy and is very playful. Roland, my husband, loves to take him out with his skateboard. He teaches at night so by the time he gets home the parking lot across the way is empty and inviting. I've tried to film them while they are skateboarding but it's too dark.

As this is my first experience fostering a rescue dog there are many things for me to learn. Some of the techniques I've used to train previous dogs seem to work well with Ke-ola but there are some behaviors that I haven't been able to correct. Gabby Alvarado from ICARE listened to my situation patiently and gave me some very valuable suggestions. I started implementing the treats for a job well done and am working with some new tools to help with corrections. I am very grateful and look forward to communicating with Ke-ola better.

We are working with Ke-ola to teach him his basic commands. We are also working with his manners. He is a very loving boy and wants to please so we are hoping we can help him become a model citizen.

Wishing you and your pack peace today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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