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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Ke-ola Friday

Ke-ola is enjoying getting to roam freely in the backyard. He loves to run on our hill and to roll around on the grass. I was very happy to learn that Ke-ola loves the sun like the rest of our pack. I'm hopeful that one day soon I can include him in my Sunday pack sun meditations. My sons, Kadante and Roland, love to play with him. Kadante is teaching him to "drop it" when they play fetch. Ke-ola is still working on understanding the command but he is getting better at letting the ball go when we reach for it.

Chase is one of his favorite things to play. In this clip Kadante is chasing him on the hill. They make me smile every time.

We are also working with his socialization. It seems Ke-ola hasn't had much life experience to prepare him for suburban life. We are slowly giving him the opportunity to experience new things, environments and people. He loves my mom and dad. He does very well with them. He shows good manners, is friendly and is affectionate. We are also working with his fear of large bodies of water. We have a gated pool and we take him in and let him walk around the pool everyday for about 5 or 10 minutes. When it's my turn I sit by the steps and cup my hand with water and let him drink. It seems to sooth him and help him relax. On yesterday's pool excursion I heard lapping behind me and when I turned around I found Ke-ola drinking on his own. Yay!

Poor boy has been itching himself bald in places and his paw pads are red. We were applying coconut oil and giving him digestive enzymes and probiotics. They were great recommendations, thank you Lamb Lambert and Carolyn Luce Casifora! The coconut oil has been helping his skin. The little crusty soars he had given himself began to heal and the digestive enzymes and probiotics are helping with his digestion after so many antibiotics. But he is still itching terribly.

Corrie, from ICARE, looked at the picture and read his symptoms and thinks it could be a food allergy. His kibble is chicken based so we are switching him to a salmon based kibble and monitoring his paw pads and his itching. Joy reminded me that benadryl is very helpful in calming his allergy symptoms so I gave him some an hour ago. He has an appointment at Pet Hospital on Tues. for his neuter and Corrie will make sure they check his skin and paw pads.

Wishing you and your pack peace today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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