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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ke-ola and his food adventures

Not a crumb in sight.
Wasn't me!
Those of us that have dogs know that most can not be trusted around an unsupervised plate of food. Well I had forgotten this truth as the last few pups in my house don't take food off the counter. Ke-ola was kind enough to remind me today. I'm still feeling under-the-weather so Roland brought home lox, cream cheese and capers on a beagle. It promised to be a wonderful meal until I was disturbed by a phone call. I decided to take the call upstairs and thought nothing of leaving my half-eaten bagel on the counter.

I came down to muddy paw prints on my black tile counter and no bagel or bagel container. I couldn't believe he had found a way to get up that high and swipe my food. When I looked in the den, there on the floor was shredded Styrofoam. He just couldn't resist the salmon. He gets an A+ for his Ninja tactics.

It wasn't all fun and games today. We practiced being relaxed around people. Soccer season is in full force and we had games going on across the way all day. Ke-ola always stays vigilant of his surroundings but he didn't bark or growl at the people today. He does become protective when someone he doesn't know approaches our house but he accepts his correction and is happy to come inside the house.

Ke-ola is a smart boy and he really wants to please his humans. Here are two clips of Ke-ola during feeding time. We have been working on his not jumping up when there is food. You can see that he gets very happy when he knows food is coming but remains calm. (Until Roland hypes him up!)

In this clip you can see how wonderfully Ke-ola's dinner manners have progressed. He knows to sit and wait as soon as he sees the food bowl. I set the bowl down. Then I close my eyes and say a silent blessing while he waits. He knows he needs to be invited to eat before he can move. (It's so difficult not to laugh when I hear his drool dripping on the floor in anticipation. Pavlov would have loved Ke-ola.) He is not food aggressive with humans. I can pick up his food bowl and ask him to sit and wait and he complies without complaint.

Wishing you and your pack peace today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Ke-ola tell them you just needed the Omega 3s to help you heal, and the calcium from the cream cheese for strong bones. You rock Ke-ola, mischievous dogs are fun.