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Friday, February 7, 2014

Visiting Ke-ola at Pet Hospital

Ke-ola loves his red car.
Kadante and I had a chance to visit Ke-ola at Pet Hospital in Orange today. It was an incredible and emotional experience to say the least. It was the first time his personality has been able to shine through and sustain itself without exhausting him. He still needs to stop and cough when he gets exited but we didn't see one drip from his nose or eyes during our entire visit. He felt thicker, I'm sure he is putting on weight! It was wonderful to see his genuine progress.  He had so much energy and joy it filled the room. He is definitely feeling better. It's clear that Pet Hospital was the pivotal force needed for Ke-ola's recovery. They have not only given Ke-ola the best medical treatment possible but they have also given him their hearts. It is such an honor and a blessing to see a dog that has been through so much hardship and pain finally have an opportunity for the life he should have always had. Ke-ola will continue to stay at Pet Hospital in Orange until they can clear his lungs. He had a culture performed, the results should further help in his treatment and recovery.

Seeing Ke-ola for the first time! We missed him and he missed us too. 
Ke-ola playing with the new toy Kadante brought him. 
We played fetch and tug. He loves to play both.

Smiling for Kadante
after a game of fetch.
Ke-ola LOVES Dr. Rossi!
She's beautiful, talented and
saved his life…
 we love Dr. Rossi too!

Corrie Lenon Bravo, Gabby Alvarado and the ICARE family have been by our side doing whatever is necessary to ensure Ke-ola regains his health, is cared for and is loved. Thank you! 
“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Ke-ola thanking Susan for
his beautiful new sweater.
Here you see Ke-ola in his beautiful new blue sweater thanks to Susan from Pet Hospital. I was so worried about Ke-ola that I forgot to bring a blanket or a sweater for him. Susan Lopez saw that he was cold and got him a sweater to help keep him warm. I was overwhelmed with gratitude when Robyn told me of Susan's kindness. 

Ke-ola must be a very special angel because he brings out the angel in all that know him. 

Here are some of Ke-ola's Angels at Pet Hospital of Orange. Thank you for making such a difference in Ke-ola's health and life. 

Robyn, Ke-ola & Kadante

Guido & Ke-ola
Annie & Ke-ola

Thank you once again for following Ke-ola's journey and for your well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you and your pack peace today and everyday.

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