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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ke-ola is not out of the woods yet

Ke-ola has a crush on Dr. Rossi
and we don't blame him.
We love you Dr. Rossi!
Ke-ola had his recheck appointment at Pet Hospital in Orange today. They checked his blood and x-rayed his lungs. We were all disappointed to find out that his lungs are not cleared yet and that his white blood count is even more elevated. We will keep giving him antibiotics and will check him again in 10 days.   
Ke-ola today vs Ke-ola 1st visit
We had hoped that his insides were reflecting his outsides. He looks like a different dog. His weight is almost normal and we've gotten ride of his dry flakey skin. His fur is starting to grow back and it's much softer. His wounds are almost healed and he has energy for days. We so hoped these were indicators that he would be done with his health challenges but alas it was not to be. 

Ke-ola has a little belly! YAY!
It is difficult to hear that Ke-ola is not out of the woods yet. But we have faith that working together with Pet Hospital and I.C.A.R.E we hope to help him find his way back to health. 

For our part, I will begin giving him daily Reiki/Cleansing session again. I had stopped doing sessions with him when I saw his energy level was high. The last thing I thought our boy needed was more energy. But with the medical test results today I feel it is a must. My husband agreed and will help me with his sessions. Roland will start running him every morning to help his lungs move as much as possible and release some of his energy. Once they are done with their morning exercise I will session with Ke-ola outside. I know after a good run Ke-ola will love lounging in the sun, making our sessions possible and enjoyable again. 

The sun is a wonderful way to meditate with your dog. I began mediating with my two girls Sky and River the first day we adopted them. They were both very sick as well and it helped them in their recovery. Once they were better we continued the practice. Now it is as much for me as it is for them. There are few things that can help me find my center faster than meditating outdoors with my pups. Sky LOVES sun meditations and will sit with me throughout the entire mediation (30 min to and hour). River comes in and out. She likes to sit with us for 10 minutes and then takes off to chase falling leaves then comes back and lays down then takes off again. 

Thank you for your well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers in the past. If you are so inspired we'd appreciate if you could keep Ke-ola in your thoughts and prayers tonight. 

Ke-ola wants everyone to know that Pet Hospital is the best. 
He feels so safe there that he can relax and go to sleep. 

Wishing you and your pack Peace, today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. He looks so good that it really took us by surprise. Thank you for your encouragement Cathy. We won't give up.