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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ke-ola made it through the night!

Ke-ola yesterday morning
Yesterday morning Ke-ola seemed a bit lethargic but I was able to get him up and to take him outside. I gave him both of his antibiotics and served him his breakfast. He ate a few bites and then left it. I tried bring the bowl to his face but he turned his head away. I decided to set his food down and bring him onto the bed to let him rest. Sometimes Ke-ola doesn't have the energy to eat right away or he prefers affection to the food so when I leave him for a few minutes he gets up and eats on his own. I covered him with his blanket and pushed the bed closer to the fireplace. (It has been very cold in the morning)

When I came back to check on him he didn't look well. He had begun shaking under his blanket and he had a very thick whitish/grayish discharge from his nose. He wagged his tail when I sat next to him but didn't lift his head. His eyes looked wilted and half closed. I cleaned his face and tried to get him to stand but he couldn't get up. I have added Ke-ola's original shelter video and you can see how ill and in pain he is but still manages to get up and look for human connection. I can only imagine how he must have felt yesterday when he couldn't get up to come to me. It broke my heart.

Warning: This video shows a very sick and hurt dog. You may choose not to watch it. 
Thank you to Denise Carta for the use of the video.

I left a message for Corrie of I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue and sent a group message with a picture of Ke-ola. I called the Pet Hospital in Orange and made an appointment for their first opening that afternoon. Corrie called me back immediately. She had already called Pet Hospital for Ke-ola and scheduled an appointment. (She did all of this while busy caring for her own daughter's health).  She was so supportive and helpful, we could feel her heart there in the room with us. We decided it would be best to get Ke-ola to the bathroom and see if I couldn't help him move some stuff out.

I set up a cushion on the bathroom floor. He couldn't walk so I carried him from the bed to the bathroom. (Thank goodness he wasn't one of my Great Danes!) The room was thick with steam and I tried to do coupage on him but nothing was moving out. I had been doing all I could for him but it wasn't enough. He was slipping away and I felt helpless. In the midst of the steam, coupage and tears, I received a call from Gabby of I.C.A.R.E. Pet Hospital would be able to have Ke-ola admitted immediately. I was so grateful, I could barely speak!

He was admitted at Pet Hospital and they began treating him right away. Ke-ola must know that the people at the Pet Hospital are working to save him because every time we are there he has tail wags for everyone. It was difficult to leave him not knowing what might happen but I knew that if he was going to make it through the night Pet Hospital is where he needed to be. Our last three dogs were very sick when we adopted them. They had kennel cough, pneumonia, scars and were very skinny but they didn't prepare me for the state of health poor Ke-ola is in.

Yesterday was a very emotionally and physically difficult day. I think all the stress and fear for Ke-ola's wellbeing along with all the other responsibilities that come with family and work came home to roost all at once. I was barely functional until I called Pet Hospital this morning.

Ke-ola made it thorough the night! Pet Hospital reported that Ke-ola is wagging his tail and responding to his treatments. They are hopeful that he will be well enough to come home tomorrow. 

I know our LOVE is important medicine. Thank you to the wonderful and caring souls that have been calling, writing, praying and sending him positive thoughts.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing your pack peace today and everyday.

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