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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ke-ola's First Day of Doggy Rehabilitation

Ke-ola is finally going to get the help he so desperately needs. Today was his first day at Doggy Rehabilitation with a specialized trainer, Nick Martinez and a dozen strong balanced dog pack. Ke-ola is our rescue and adopted Pit Bull Mix from the Carson Shelter. He was not only extremely sick and injured when we got him he had also been very mistreated. His injuries and behavior were consistent with being used as a "bait dog" or needing to survive on the hard streets for a long period of time. We may never know for sure how Ke-ola came to be this way but Nick has given us hope that with doggy rehab, hard work and educating ourselves we can help Ke-ola not only integrate into our pack but also become a balanced and healthy dog with everyone he meets.

Ke-ola has a great deal of allergies so to avoid giving him allergy shots and medications we cook fresh home cooked meals that are balanced with his dietary needs as well as added fish oils, probiotics, coconut oil and vitamins. This means we've cooked up a storm and zip locked his AM and PM meals individually, dated them and froze them for the week.

My husband and I dropped Ke-ola off with Nick and Kianah today. Nick spent a few hours with us explaining the process for Ke-ola and for the rest of our pack at home. He answered all of our questions and gave us all the time we needed to feel comfortable with leaving him. Nick had more than a dozen dogs in the back the entire time we were there. The most amazing part was that we heard not ONE bark! We were blown away in the realization that Nick's pack was so balanced and comfortable that even when "strangers" approached they felt no need to sound off. The pack trusts Nick and his judgement and they behave accordingly. It was a paradigm shift in my understanding of dog and human behavior. Nick keeps telling us that dogs read energy but to see it in action was incredible. 
(Sorry about the video quality but the audio is good)

Many times a dog's behavior is a refection of the subtle and not so subtle energies shared by their humans. While Ke-ola's behavior is a refection of our family he is also a special case. By the time Ke-ola had found his way into our home he had already seen and experienced a lifetime of abuse and neglect. He has never learned how to interact with other dogs. The physical scars that took him six months in quarantine to recover from are nothing compared to the emotional scars inflicted upon him. There would have been no hope for Ke-ola without immersive rehabilitation with a specialized trainer and a balanced dog pack. The wonderful news is that dogs aren't human. They don't hold on to the past when offered a new way of being. Dog's don't define themselves by their previous actions. When we give a dog the opportunity to change their state of mind their behavior changes as well.

(Ke-ola's first treadmill walk)

Ke-ola's abuse came at the hands of humans yet he is willing to forgive humans. His heart is so pure and so big that he made room for a select few of us. He's also been hurt by other dogs yet he still wants to interact and make friends. He just doesn't know how to say hello without overwhelming the other dog(s). No living creature deserves to be abused and neglected but Ke-ola's story is a lesson for us all. While he has seen the very worst in humans his heart is still open and hopeful. I aspire to be more like my dogs everyday. 

A special THANK YOU to all the amazingly generous souls that helped make this possible. The artists, volunteers, family, friends and donors that came out to support our Arts Open House and Ke-ola Fundraiser made this happen. Since dogs feel our energy you all sent so much love to a dog that had only ever felt the opposite. You not only helped him get the rehabilitation he needed but gave him something equally valuable...you showed him he was loved and worth saving. Thank you for caring! You all restored my faith in humanity. 

To the Pit Bull Naysayers:
I've received comments and messages from people that have read my blog that feel that a Pit Bull should not be given a second chance. I've been told that the breed is inherently violent and that they are a danger to society. Some have also insulted me and my family for saving Ke-ola. I prefer to be a positive person so I haven't responded to the critics but I would like to write that all creatures great and small deserve a second chance, especially when they find themselves in negative circumstances through no fault of their own. Any dog can be aggressive regardless of breed and every dog can be helped with the right training and rehabilitation. We humans are the problem and we humans are responsible to fix it. Please don't blame a dog or a breed for what humans created. And for those that have negative things to say about Pit Bull owners, we are a mixed bunch. There is no one "type" of person that owns a Pit Bull. We come from all walks of life but we do share an unwavering love for our dogs. We know that the hype is bunk and that there is no more, loving, kindhearted, loyal and noble dog than our Pit Bull.

Wishing you and your pack Peace today and everyday. 

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