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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 of Ke-ola in Doggy Rehab

Ke-ola has been at his special doggy rehabilitation for 10 days today. He has had the opportunity to decompress and learn to relax. Nick Martinez, Ke-ola's Dog Rehabilitation Specialist, has been focusing on helping our dog release his anxiety with exercise and state of mind training. He's also been giving Ke-ola the opportunity to learn a new way of being around other dogs. He is getting to learn how to be a dog from the very best teachers, Nick's amazing rehabilitation pack! Ke-ola was in desperate need of meeting a well balanced dog pack. Nick said this poor boy was so "unsocialized" that he would get nervous just listing to another dog drink from a water bowl. It seems Ke-ola has only had negative experiences or no experience with other dogs. He misinterprets the most common types of communication from dogs. Nick has also discovered that Ke-ola was likely abused at the hands of humans as well. It's as if Ke-ola's world had been about protection and survival and he didn't have a chance to learn anything else. As I watch the videos Nick sends me, I get to witness his transformation. I see his body becoming more relaxed, his eyes are softer, and he is learning to trust other dogs. For the first time in the year and a half we've had him, the real Ke-ola is starting to shine through.
Nick, Saving Dog's Like Ke-ola Everday

It hasn't been an easy journey for him. He's had some challenges along the way so far but thankfully he is in the perfect place to learn from his mistakes and let go of his anxiety. Nick and Kianah have been working tirelessly to help this boy as much as they can. In only 10 days Ke-ola has met more than 20 new dogs. He has gone on pack walks. He's learned that the treadmill is a safe place to work out alongside your buddies. He's even had a chance to walk around new people and dogs without excitement or anxiety.

Watching his daily videos have brought me to tears more than once. My family and I have known Ke-ola was a wonderful dog deep down inside from the start but just weren't able to help him shine through. He needed to be with a pack of balanced dogs in a controlled environment with an expert Dog Rehabilitation Specialist. It has been a blessing to watch his change and his growth. There is no more deserving dog. He's a great tangible example that dogs don't hold on to the past. They live in the moment and when we are able to communicate a new way of being they have the ability to embrace it far easier than their humans.

Ruby and Kianah
Nick and Kianah have told us that we have our work cut out for us. They don't magically rehabilitate your dog. They work to give the human's in the pack the tools they need to do the work themselves. Our dogs aren't stupid. They know if we are willing to put in the work and the time and will behave accordingly. In Ke-ola's case he also needed dog rehabilitation to erase his past and to teach him the language of dog and of trust.

Ruby has been a big part of his rehabilitation so far. She a happy go lucky ball of energy and is helping Ke-ola learn the difference between excitement, play and aggression. He is getting to see that dogs want to make friends. It means so much to see him with the other dogs. He's been alone on the other side of the glass watching his sisters and longing to play but not knowing how. Thank you Nick, Kianah and all the amazing doggy teachers he's had so far for believing in him and for giving him another chance at the life he deserves. 

Ke-ola made remarkable progress on the treadmill and working out with his new friends. He looks like a different dog from his first video in Ke-ola's First Day of Doggy Rehabilitation.

Nick and Ke-ola going for a walk together. Ke-ola had the opportunity to experience dogs and people all the while learning from Nick how to be polite and relaxed in new environments. 

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you and your pack Peace today and everyday.  

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