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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Septarian Nodules Quick Reference

Septarian Nodule Highlights:

-Promotes overall health and well being.
-Psychic growth
-Nurtures and grounds
-Chakra: Root Chakra
-Element: Ocean

Septarians formed between 50 to 70 million years ago. As a result of volcanic eruptions, dead sea life was chemically attracted to the sediment around them, forming mud balls. As the ocean receded, the balls dried and cracked. Due to their bentonite content they also shrank in size, creating the cracks inside. As decomposed shells seeped down into the cracks in the mud balls, calcite crystals formed. The outer thin walls of calcite then transformed into aragonite. Some believe the name Septarian came from the Latin word "septem", meaning seven, but actually the name is due to the septarian concretions.  They are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks, which are called "septaria". The word comes from the Latin word septum; "partition", and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock.

Metaphysical properties of Septarian:

In meditation Septarian brings calming and nurturing energies. It can elicit feelings of joy and hope. Septarian can enhance the communication with groups, making it easier to speak clearly and kindly in group settings. A wonderful mineral to use in meditations with Mother Earth. It assists with quieting the conscious mind so that one can better understand the language of nature. Septarian has been used for healing of the blood and kidneys. Septarian is related to the lower chakras, root, sacral and solar plexus.

Septarian is a protective stone, providing both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is a stone for regulation of spiritual, mental, and physical prowess. It promotes both calming and understanding on the emotional level. Septarian enhances ones sense of well-being. Septarian loves to be held, emanating a loving, kind, and sincere energy pattern. It is said to be a speaking stone and enhances communication on multiple levels.

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