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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bronzite Quick Reference

Bronzite Keywords: Grounding, Focus, Action, Power, Protection, Self-control, Self-esteem, Transformation, Observation 
Zodiac: Leo

In Meditation:
Bronzite is used to restore harmony and self confidence in overwhelming situations. Assists in objectivity and and with discernment. Helpful in meditation when decisive action is needed. A great aid to help in planning future events from the perspective of our Highest Good.
Inspires us to understand our place of service and how we affect all that is. That is why it is said that this stone inspires politeness, courage, acceptance and help. 
Fortifies the Yang (masculine energy). Useful in working with all chakras, especially with the sacral chakra. Aids in spiritual transformation. Said to protect against I'll wishes and curses. 

In Healing:
Bronzite is used to balance the alkalinity and acidity in the body. It helps in the assimilation of iron and also aids the transition from one cycle of life to another (i.e., puberty, menopause, or alike). It eases the symptoms of aging, helps in cases of skin diseases or allergies. It prevents and eliminates ulcers on the internal organs, strengthens the concentration, and eliminates depression. Also used in healing for ailments related to the solar plexus chakra, assimilation of iron, lessening muscular tension, dispelling restlessness caused by emotional and psycho-physical ailments. 

(There are many different interpretations for the meanings & uses of stones. Here we offer some general info. but encourage you to work/meditate and find your own.)

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you Peace today and everyday.


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