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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hip Hop Martial Arts™ paying tribute to USA, The Philippines and Cuba

Kadante Ferrer is a PaaMano Eskrima Lead Instructor and PME's founder son. He has developed his own style of movement called Hip Hop Martial Arts™. He showcased his style for In the Flow Studios Arts Open House, in Los Angeles, CA. Here's what they had to say about his show.

"Kadante set our night on fire! He brought the flavor of his Island Heritage combined with his US Roots to his performance titled "CubaPino". This three part choreography blended Hip Hop, tricking, martial arts and fire to honor his ancestors (his father is Filipino-American and his mother is Cuban-American) as well as his home and birthplace the USA. He opened with a tribute to his homeland with some hip hop and tricking then progressed to pay tribute to The Philippines' Sultan Kudarat and he finished with a blazing in tribute to Cuba. Through Hip Hop Martial Arts™, he is taking his father's training in PaaMano Eskrima to the next level and creating a style that is authentic to his experience of life. Kadante is always an exciting performer and doesn't disappoint. We hope you enjoy his performance as much as we did."

About Hip Hop Martial Arts™
Hip Hop Martial Arts™ is an original art style that combines aspects of Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Tricking, Breaking, Self-defense, Weaponry and more, into creative & effective movement. This unique style has the ability to get one in great physical shape, teach effective self-defense techniques, develop “urban” dance styles, teach multiple weapons, develop stage presence, and push artistic boundaries.

About Kadante:
Kadante, the founder and creator of Hip Hop Martial Arts™was born into the life of the martial arts. He performed in his first martial arts demonstration at 1 ½ years old, and began his formal training at 4 years old. He has earned Black Belts in two systems and is trained in multiple styles such as; Tae Kwon Do, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Western boxing and Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Kobudo, and Tricking.  He is a Lead Instructor at Kadan Martial Arts and PaaMano Eskrima.
He also trains in tricking & stunts at places like XMA HQ in North Hollywood, CA. & the White Lotus in Northridge, CA. He has worked with professional stuntmen & stuntwomen as well as stunt choreographers. He blended some of his martial arts, dance, stunts and tricking for his "Lumberjack” character in the new Dance/MartialArts/Action movie “Battle B-Boy”.

Kadante has trained in different dance styles. He began Hip Hop & Breaking training with Ricky Cole (Mos Wanted Crew/SoulFreshFam) and has taken extensive workshops & classes at dance studios such as The Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA.  He has also trained in Tahitian, Samoan and other Polynesian dances with the Polynesian Performing/Cultural Arts group of Nonosina California. Kadante performed with them at numerous shows in Southern California, Northern California and the Shell in Honolulu Hawaii. He also studied the Samoan Fire-knife under Master Teacher Mel Liufau of Nonosina and competed in the 2006 World Fire-Knife Competition.

Kadante choreographs/teaches for In the Flow Studios, PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts, Kadan Martial Arts and his own creation Hip Hop Martial Arts™. 
For more information about Hip Hop Martial Arts™goto the website at http://hiphopmartialarts.com/About_HHMA.php or Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/HipHopMartialArts

About In the Flow Studios ~ Arts:
In the Flow Studios ~ Arts events bring people from many different walks of life together and give them opportunity to be exposed to art. Arts Open Houses are open to artists and art-lovers of all ages. We hosted an amazing group of artists including: painters, photographers, sculptors, graphic artists, poets, spoken-word artists, musicians, singers, dancers, martial artists and cultural dancers. 

These are not typical art shows. The focus is on the artist; art appreciation, collaboration and inspiration. These events are about sharing art in as many different disciplines and mediums as possible. It's all about the "heart work" and creating a venue that both nurtures and inspires artists and art-lovers. We had veteran artists with years of experience as well some showing/performing for the first time. 

For more information about us visit http://intheflowstudios.com/Arts.html

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