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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Excerpt from Ano Ano The Seed by Kristin Zambucka

Know that there is a path to a higher consciousness within ourselves.
And you alone are the keeper of that path…a path that can be blocked by the events of life.
Make amends for the wrong you have done to others and rid yourselves of guilt.
Free yourselves from feelings of injustice…and injustice will no longer stalk you.
Your suffering is only caused by your thoughts.
You are in charge of your mind…free it.
No difficulty has any power over you unless you give it that power.
Let past events fade away.
And don’t allow them to paint dark colours on your future.

“And when the paralyzing ache of despair engulfs you,
and you reel shaken from the blows that life deals you, and you scream out,
demanding to know what you have done to deserve it…
And when you know that you can’t take any more but it strikes you again,
harder this time, from another side,
and you are just hanging on by a thread until you feel yourself curl inward
and die a little.
Know that there is a reason for it all…”

The old ones went on to explain the meaning of life itself…
and they gave the listeners hope. 
“We are not here for nothing,” they said. “Life is not just a bad joke.
Suffering unlocks the door to many answers and fire purifies. 
If you look back and examine some pain of the past,
you will see that it taught you so much that no other teacher could…
Only when wounded do we stand still and listen.
Bleeding, you will be brought to your knees many times.
But somehow, nourished by an indomitable thread of strength within…you will go on.
Your eyes will not really see until they are incapable of tears. 
Only when you can cry no more will you begin to grow.” 

It is then that you will hear a voice within yourself.
It was there all the time but you never listened before.
Faintly it will speak to you at first, 
but it will gradually grow louder and clearer the more you take heed of its message.


  1. I have enjoyed reading the passages of this book ever since being first introduced to it back in 1982

    1. Sorry for the delayed response. Ano Ano has been in my life for many years as well. Since 1984 I've given away more than two dozen copies. I have saved two of the originals for my son's. Her work is truly inspired.

  2. I am honored that Kristin passed my way and the teaching she received led to her sharing in writing Ano Ano , It is my prayer that all who come to dine , will always find edification anda higher understanding of truth...~KahunaGuru Alii Hunapuli~