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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Preparing for Ke-ola's Homecoming

Ke-ola Photo by Kianah Pen
It's been a long road but Ke-ola and our family are finally ready to take the next step in his doggy rehabilitation...integration into our pack this Monday. 
Ke-ola has been ready but we've had to get our other two dogs Sky and River ready as well. We have changed our lifestyle so that we can give each dog in our pack the physical and mental exercise they need. Each dog has a minimum of a daily treadmill session, outdoor walk, place training, state of mind training and impulse control training. We are learning a new language that transcends words. It's a language of understanding and mutual respect. 

Sky and River were also shelter dogs. They were found on the streets together and were kenneled together at the Dover Shelter in San Bernardino. They have relied on each other for their very survival since they were no more than a few months old. They have a very strong bond but as we have learned through Nick, it's not necessarily a healthy one. Nick explained that when dogs bond through such traumatic situations their bond actually becomes dysfunctional. It will feed insecurity and keep them from being open to the world outside of each other and their humans. 

We have been working with River and Sky to help them learn to be independent and self-reliant. Sky has the added challenge of not only being a fearful girl but she doesn't have any doggy social skills other than with River. Nick and Kianah will be bringing some of their pack with Ke-ola on Monday to help Sky with her social skills. 

While Ke-ola's homecoming is just one more step of many other steps we still need to take to become a united and balanced pack we are grateful for the possibility of making it a reality. We couldn't have made it this far without the guidance and support of Nick Martinez and Kianah Pen. They are not only gifted at working with dogs but equally gifted at working with people. They have an innate wisdom and integrity that promotes growth and healing for their human as well as their canine clients. 

I'll post pictures and videos of Ke-ola's homecoming on next weeks blog post.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you and your pack Peace today and everyday.  

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