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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Candle Quartz Quick Reference


Candle Quartz Crystal, aka the Pineapple Quartz, Celestial Quartz or Atlantean Lovestar is recognized by a myriad of smaller terminations surrounding a larger central point. The smaller ones can be either very sharp, as found in tranlucent candle quartz, or almost rounded as is usually found in opaque crystals. The sides of an opaque Candle Quartz often look and feel like a pineapple. 

Used in Meditation: Candle Quartz provides a gentle but powerful tool in self-awareness. Used for introspection it helps one find and identify emotional blocks and limiting thoughts by facilitating a better understanding of "the shadow" as referred to by Carl Jung. Known as a light bringer crystal it brings hope and comfort where there was unhappiness, hopelessness and pain. Said to resinate best with the heart chakra, Candle Quartz can help heal hurts, balance energies and encourage opening to the possibility of love.

Used in Metaphysics: Ancient knowledge from Atlantis is said to be brought by the Candle Quartz. Legends say that they were given as heart gifts in Atlantis. Scrying or clairvoyance is often used to access this ancient knowledge and gain insight, though many methods can be used, including meditating with the crystal. Used to access information from the Akashic Records by advanced partitioners. 

Used in Decore: As an abundance crystal they are helpful in any room where business there are business transactions because they are said to stimulate the prosperity of the business. Candle Quartz can be used to dissipate lower vibrations from ones character or environment, the presence of the stone in the environment acts as a clarifying agent " to turn shadowy/dark energy back to it's original state of light. 

Used in Physical Healing: Candle Quartz is used to help with spiritual healing of depression, vertigo, carbohydrate assimilation, insulin regulation, and headaches.

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