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Friday, May 10, 2019

Perseverance...Flame Your Fire

Perseverance is what allows us to take our dreams from the realm of possibility to the realm of reality. In art as in life we will stumble, fall, encounter opposition, become disheartened, overwhelmed and lose all hope. Remember that it's ok, it's all part of the process. 

It is not our success or our failures that define us. It is the will to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try, try again that will become our legacy.

We must celebrate our successes as well as our failures for they are just steps along the same path...the journey of self-discovery and an authentically lived life.

A special thank you to Kadante Ferrer of Hip Hop Martial Arts for letting me contribute to his upcoming Candle-Power video series through my photography and film.  Hip Hop Martial Arts or HHMA is an inspired movement of mind, body and spirit. You can read Kadante Ferrer and Hip Hop Martial Arts - Artist Highlight for more information about the creator and the HHMA movement - Path of the Urb Monk

"Illuminate" - Candlepower - Hip Hop Martial Arts®

You can also follow HHMA on 
 or @hiphopmartialarts on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting. May inspiration overflow throughout all of your creative processes.

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Aurora's "Speak Your Art Blog Hub" combines posts from seven of her other blogs: In the Flow Studios ArtsIn the Flow Studios BodyI Love Shelter DogsMana KeepersPaaMano Eskrima & Performing ArtsSelf-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment and Speak Your Art Poetry. It brings her organizations together and offers her readers an easier way to follow new posts in one convenient location. 


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