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Sunday, August 12, 2018

About Our Tarsier Class for 4 - 6 Year Olds

Kumusta, our PaaMano Eskrima® Program teaches Eskrima and specially developed skills for 4 to 6 year olds. We focus not only on providing the foundational skills necessary to become successful martial arts practitioners but also on developing balance, coordination, self-confidence and helping students meet and exceed important child-developmental milestones. "Balance is the pillar beneath every skill we have," says Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D., professor of human physiology at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

We incorporate important developmental exercises and foundational eskrima skills into interactive drills and games. Our Tarsier’s classes are fun as well as challenging. While we are committed to providing an enjoyable and welcoming training environment, respect for self and others is our primary principal. Our program fosters self-reliance, initiative, cooperation and collaboration.

Our students also have the opportunity to perform in shows at different events and venues throughout California, through our PaaMano Eskrima® & Performing Arts Company. The Filipino Martial Arts has a unique history. During Spanish occupation, practicing the Filipino Martial Arts was outlawed. Masters had to train in secret. For 300 years they practiced and taught under penalty of death. Thanks to them Eskrima was saved for us today. We want to honor their legacy and sacrifice by continuing to share the art.

Tarsier students will learn the foundations for: rolls front and back, breakfalls, footwork, offensive and defensive timing and distance, balance techniques, punches, kicks, noodle drills and basic Eskrima with single and double sticks. Our 45 minute classes disguise repetition in fun games and drills as well as teach the basic principals of respect and focus.

Register Now for upcoming September classes at PaaManoEskrima@gmail.com

Class Times
Friday 4:45pm-5:30pm
Sunday 11:45am - 12 noon

Maraming Salamat Po!


For any questions please contact us at PaaManoEskrima@gmail.com 

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Aurora's "Speak Your Art Blog Hub" combines posts from seven of her other blogs: In the Flow Studios ArtsIn the Flow Studios BodyI Love Shelter DogsMana KeepersPaaMano Eskrima & Performing ArtsSelf-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment and Speak Your Art Poetry. It brings her organizations together and offers her readers an easier way to follow new posts in one convenient location.