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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

About Dewdrops of Inspiration the Book

Dewdrops of I'nspiration was originally a 45th birthday gift to myself. It was a significant birthday for me. My two sons were grown and becoming men, our family business had taken a large hit during the "mortgage crisis" and now only needed my husband to tend to it, we were struggling to make ends meet and I found myself surrounded by a new reality. I could no longer define myself in my professional or personal life as the woman I had once been. Uncertainty, hopelessness, despair were familiar friends that accompanied me in thoughts and actions.

Self-Actualization thruWomen's Empowerment
As my birthday approached I knew it was time to shift my paradigm. I needed to remember who I was originally; The authentic Me that existed before the judgements and thoughts of the outside world mattered. That special part in all of us that still remembers who we truly are underneath the layers of fears, compromises, pains, loses and separations we have accumulated through our life experiences.

Inner-Child and Our Physical Body
My Inner-child was calling out to me, "remember me, remember who you really are...You once found solace walking barefoot in the sand, you found strength sitting under the willow tree, you experienced connection watching the flight of the bees, butterflies and birds, you knew who you were when nature was your muse".

Finding Strength in Our Struggles
I decided it was time for me to take my own advice and become 100% responsible in caring for my inner-child and becoming a more authentic being. I had taught and written on these very subjects for over 20 years but as Richard Bach writes, “We teach best what we most need to learn”. I promised myself that I would make the time and space necessary to accomplish one of my dreams, to write a book that incorporated the most basic of elements needed to celebrate my inner-child and remind me daily of the wondrous gift life is meant to be. 

I would compile my Dewdrops Images, poetry, quotes and musings to help me remember to find strength in my struggles and peace in the midst of my storms. Through this process, Dewdrops of I'nspiration was born and grew to be more than what I had intended. As I read the pages and meditated with the images I found that it was not "my" book but "our" book. A book for anyone looking to be reminded of who they really are, a book filled with unique inspirational experiences for each individual reader.

Back cover
"Dewdrops of Inspiration" is a photo journal of Original photography, poetry and musings to celebrate and inspire the beautiful child within.

This is a special book. Its purpose is to help to heal and cleanse the mind and spirit. It is written so that it can be used as a daily meditation process helping to sooth, calm and cleanse the conscious and subconscious minds.

The images speak to our subconscious or inner-child, encouraging creativity, hope and peace. The quotes, poems and musings address our conscious mind, helping to release stress and promote a more positive outlook.

"Open your heart and face the unknown. Let the whispers of nature guide you back home, to a place where the intellect is silenced by the wisdom of being"
Excerpt from "Dewdrops of Inspiration"
by Aurora Ferrer

Dewdrops of I'nspiration is a 20 page photography book designed to create a positive state of mind and of general well-being. It is a ten to fifteen minute read that can be used as a daily meditation in its entirety or one can choose to meditate with a single quote or image. One can reference this book throughout the day to help bring one back to center or to release stress.

Place a copy on a coffee table or in your reception/waiting area to help your company or clients cleanse their stress and find a bit of respite before your interactions.

If you are inspired to bring a copy of "Dewdrops of I'nspiration" into your life please pre-order now to reserve your copy. I have a very limited number of first edition copies available. If I have any remaining copies they will be available for sale on my Shop Mana Keepers store in August and will not include the local pickup option and price.

Price: $35.00 Local Pickup 
You may use the "Buy it Now" link below to reserve and pay for your copy. (Note there is NO SHIPPING INCLUDED with this link. You will need to make arrangements to collect your copy personally)

Price: $35.00 plus Shipping 
You may use the "Buy it Now" link below to reserve and pay for your copy. Shipping: $10.00

Aurora and one of her shelter dogs, River, the day River and
her sister were adopted from the San Bernardino Shelter.
I Love Shelter Dogs Blog
Aurora Ferrer is a writer, poet, martial arts instructor, women's empowerment facilitator, photographer, creative director, Reiki master teacher, Pilates instructor, advocate for Women's Rights, Child Safety, Animal Rescue and Nature Conservation. She authors or co-authors nine blogs with a total readership of over 107,320 to date. Her readership encompasses many countries including: USA, Russia, Bosnia, United Saudi Emirates, India, Madagascar, China, France, The Philippines, Tahiti, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Samoa, Hungary and numerous others. For more information about Aurora Ferrer, please use the About Aurora link.

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