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Sunday, June 3, 2018

PaaMano Eskrima Sundays offers advanced martial artists as well as beginners the chance enjoy and learn  our style of Filipino Martial Arts.

PG Roland Ferrer brings his 40 years of martial arts experience to our Sunday practices. Use this link to learn more about Roland Ferrer.

About PaaMano Eskrima - Our Filipino Marital Arts Style

PaaMano Eskrima literally means paa-foot, mano-hand, Eskrima-skirmish. Master Roland Ferrer created and founded this style in 1992. The style combines multiple styles of weaponry with empty hand concepts as well as kicking applications. Elbows, knees, takedowns and disarms are an integral part of the system.  Eskrima is a flowing and rhythmic art.

Its’ practice was outlawed by the Spanish conquistadores. The Filipino people had to find a way to keep their art alive to pass down to the next generation. They solved this problem by incorporating the martial art into some of their traditional dances. The martial art was hidden in dance for centuries.

PaaMano Eskrima was created to honor all the evolutions and changes of the art throughout the ages. The Sayaws (dance/forms) created for this curriculum are a balance of accuracy and application with flow and artistry. They are a tribute to the fine warriors and performers that for so many centuries kept the art alive for us to enjoy today.

We are grateful for all the different Arnis, Eskrima and Kali, styles, instructors and practitioners for keeping the art alive for future generations and for sharing FMA with the world. Salamat po.

Advanced Eskrima Class
Sunday, 10am - 11am
•For advanced martial artists
•Admittance by PG approval only

The PaaMano Eskrima Advanced Program was developed for advanced martial arts practitioners in any style that also have intermediate/advanced eskrima training. These are fast paced classes that incorporate advanced empty hand, knife, single stick, double stick, sweeps, takedowns, joint-locks, throws and ground work. This is the first time PG Roland has agreed to teach these techniques outside of his immediate family.

Do to the pace and the scope of the class all perspective students must submit an application and audition to enter the program. Students must adhere to a strong code of ethics and sign the PME ethics and comportment agreement. PG will not teach such advanced techniques to be used irresponsibly.

Eskrima Fencing Class
Sunday, 11am - 12noon
•Live Stick Fencing
•Must have full armor and sticks
•Admittance by Guro approval only

PaaMano Eskima Fencing Classes are about learning to implement the practical application of the live single and double stick(s). The class also develops timing, footwork, and the offensive and defensive skills needed to succeed in the sport of Eskrima. Full armor is required. Class available by audition only.

PaaMano Eskrima Family Class
Sunday, 12noon - 1pm

Our PME Family classes build a well rounded foundation in our Filipino Martial Arts system.
Our curriculum encompasses single stick, double stick, sword, dagger, empty-hand, sayaws, footwork and strategy training. The PaaMano Eskrima family class focuses on not only developing proficient Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) skills but also offers an opportunity for family members to learn together. Learning a new skill with your child, grandchild, sister or brother can help forge an even deeper bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ages 10 to Adult. Children under 10 years old must audition and have guros’ approval.

Classes begin July 2018
PaaMano @ EZ Aerobics Studio
6046 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90621

For more info or to register email PaaManoEskrima@gmail.com or text (714) 890-0080


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